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February 19, 2013
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You were walking to the store like you did every week. You said hi to the regulars you knew on the streets and were about to walk in when you saw the man sitting a few feet away from the door. He was there every time you went to the store. He was obviously homeless; he had very thin clothes with large rips and holes in them, no shoes, and no one ever said hi to him. It saddened you every time you saw him, yet you never did anything to help him. He was actually a very handsome man. He had dark brown hair with a strange curl coming out of the right side of his head, beautiful matching brown eyes, and judging by his incoherent mumbles, he had an Italian accent. You walked to him and knelt down in front of him. He looked up at you with his sad brown orbs.
“Hello,” you greeted.
“Ciao,” he mumbled.
“Would you like something from the store, like food or some clothes?” you asked.
“NO!” he barked at you, then he blushed. “I don't-a need anything from-a this crummy store.”
Then you heard his stomach growl and he grabbed it, wincing in pain.
“Are you sure?” you asked.
“Si, si, I'm-a fine. Go away,” he said and waved you off.
My, someone was grumpy today. Well, if you were homeless, you would probably be grumpy too. You stood up and walked into the store.
~Romano POV~
Well that was weird. She just stopped ans offered you food. You would've said yes, but she was to pretty to waste her time on you. Who would want to? You were always so mean and grumpy, but you had nowhere to go in (country you live in) and no money. Who wouldn't be grumpy in a situation like this? You really could go for a tomato and some better clothes right now. It was getting cold and you had no protection. Wait, there she was again with a...tomato?
~Your POV~
You walked out of the store with your groceries in one hand and a tomato in the other. You loved tomatoes and if you could get a good ripe one, you would just bite into it like an apple. Your grocery bag was filled with tomatoes and some other not-as-important foods. You were about to take a big bite out of the tomato when you heard a loud growl next to you. Turning, you saw the Italian man holding his stomach again and looking up at you. His face showed an angry scowl, while his eyes begged for your help. Eyes never lie. You bent down to his level and handed him the tomato. He looked at it, then up at you, unsure what you were doing.
“What are you-a doing?” he asked with a slightly annoyed tone.
“I'm giving you food. I can clearly hear your stomach. I see you out here every time I come to the store. Its not healthy to starve,” you told him.
You could tell he wanted to take it so badly, but for some reason he resisted.
“But...but its-a your tomato. You bought it-a for yourself,” he protested.
“Yes, I bought it and I'll do what I want with it and I want to give it to you,” you said.
You took his hand and placed the tomato in his hand, then brought his hand up to his mouth, shoving the tomato in his mouth. He slowly bit into it, swallowed, then began to ravenously devour it. Yo set your bag down and ran back into the store.
~Romano POV~
She just ran off and left her tomatoes with you. You were almost done with your tomato and desperately wanted another. They were so good. Maybe she left them there for you to have another. She was the first person to show any concern for you. She was very nice. You grabbed another tomato and began munching on it when she walked out with more things and stopped in front of you. She opened the bag and pulled out a blanket with the Italian flag on it. She knelt down to your level and draped it over your body. You were instantly consumed by warmth. Then, she pulled another bag of tomatoes out and handed them to you. She was giving you all of this? Your jaw dropped and you looked at her with a dumbfounded face.
“I-is this-a all for me?” you asked.
“All for you.”
“Why are-a you helping me? I'm-a a complete stranger!” you cried.
“Because its the right thing to do,” she answered and to your surprise, sat down very close next to you.
You could feel the heat radiating off of her and you couldn't help leaning closer to her warmth. She noticed you and you noticed it too and quickly leaned away.
“No, its ok,” she said and flashed you a beautiful smile.
Your heart felt as if it skipped a beat as her (e/c) eyes met yours. She was beautiful. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair gently waved in the calming wind, her figure, her kindness, you just met her and yet you think you might have fallen in love with her. But who in their right mind would ever love a grumpy man such as yourself? Surely not her.
~Your POV~
He was so cute wrapped up in his blanket. Then he began leaning towards you, but then he leaned away. Saying this about a complete stranger is definitely very weird, but he made you want to hug him and kiss him everywhere on his face. You might say you were in live with him, but he probably didn't feel the same way.
Suddenly he was leaning on you again, but this time he stayed. He more than just leaned, he cuddled up to you and buried his face in your shoulder. You put your arm around him and gently squeezed him to you. Then you felt something wet in your shoulder. You pried his face off your shoulder and looked at him. He had tears streaming down his cheeks. You gasped and your comforting instincts kicked into gear.
“Honey, what's wrong?” you asked, cupping his face in your hands.
He stayed silent, looking at you with big, wet, brown eyes. You sighed, then took his hand. Standing up, you pulled him up with you and grabbed your groceries and faced him.
“Come with me,” you said and led him in the direction of your house.
As you walked, he kept bumping into you. You put your arm around him and continued on and soon you were walking in the front door of your house. You set him on your couch and took both of his hands in yours and looked him his watery eyes.
“Honey, please tell me what's wrong,” you begged.
His lips began to tremble and he burst into tears, taking his hands from yours and covering his face. You grabbed him and pulled him into a loving embrace, rubbing his back and whispering soothing things in his ear.
“I'm such and idiota Ragazza! I used-a to have a loving-a family, but I was so stupid-a and moved away because I thought-a they were too annoying! Now I have-a nothing!” he cried.
His story made you hold him tighter. It felt so strange, yet so right at the same time. You didn't even know the guy's name. That didn't matter, you were going to help him no matter what.
“Its alright,” you comforted.
“No its-a not! You have a house, food, clothes, I have-a nothing but-a the clothes on my-a back and the blanket and tomatoes you gave,” he sniffled.
“What's your name honey?” you asked.
“Lovino. Lovino Vargas,” he answered.
“Lovino, I know we barely know each other, but I would be glad to let you come and live with me if you want,” you offered.
His eyes widened and his breath hitched. He pulled away from your embrace and looked you in the eyes.
“R-really? Y-you would-a take me in to your-a home? Are you-a sure?” you asked.
“Yes Lovino, I'm sure.”
He threw his arms around you and thanked you in Italian over and over while sobbing into your neck again. You smiled and waited for him to be done with his crying. He finally pulled away and smiled at you.
“Ragazza, you are an angel from-a heaven sent to help-a me fix-a my life. I wish I knew your name...” he trailed off.
“My name is ______,” you told him.
He took your hands and put his dry lips up to your ear and whispered the word every woman wants to hear her man say.
“Ti amo _______,” he whispered.
He shied away from you with a blush that rivaled the tomatoes'.
“I-if you-a don't feel the same-a way, I understand. I just-a wanted you to know before-a you let me live-a with you,” he told you and looked away.
You giggled and kissed his cheek. He quickly turned to face you, a confused look on his face.
“I love you too Lovino,” you said.
He smiled again and cuddled up to you. He looked like and Italian flag with a head  poking out. An Italian flag burrito. The burrito yawned and looked up at you with tired eyes.
“You look like a burrito. I was going to ask you if you wanted to go shopping for clothes, but I don't think now would be the best time,” you told him.
“Shopping can-a wait. Let's watch some-a TV or something. I'm not a burrito, don't-a eat me please,” he said.
You giggled and grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. Lovino laid his head on your shoulder and fixed his eyes on the TV. You slipped him from he couch to your lap and he continued to rest on your shoulder. You could see that his eyelids were growing extremely heavy, probably from all of the warmth and comfort that he lacked for so long. Soon his eyelids slipped shut and he was snoring quietly.
“Goodnight Lovino,” you said and kissed his forehead.
He mumbled something in his sleep and shifted his sleeping position. You smiled at his adorable, sleeping face, the way his chest rose and lowered with every breath, and he called you an angel. You watched TV for a little longer, then switched it off and soon followed Lovino into sleep.

-------------------------------------------Extended Ending
You were a nervous wreck Lovino called his family for the first time in 5 years and told them about you and the house. It had been 2 years since you took him in off the streets. It was the best decision you had ever made. Sure he was grumpy a lot of the time, but he wasn't mean and once he got a kiss from  you, his grumpiness cleared up for a while. From what you could tell, his family consisted of  his brother and his grandpa, and both were ecstatic to hear the news. They were coming over to see the both of you and they were to arrive today. Lovino noticed how nervous you were and held you hand, squeezing it to comfort you.
“_______, don't-a be nervous. They'll love you. They are the easiest people-a in the world to impress,” he assured you.
“Ok,” you sighed. “What are their names again?”
“Mio fratello is Feliciano and grandpa is Aldo,” he told you an seconds later there was a loud knock on the door, causing you to jump.
“Fratello! Its-a me! Open the door,I want-a to see you!” you heard another, more cheery Italian voice call from outside the door.
“Come-a on Lovino! Open the door so your-a grandpa can see his-a little baby boy!” yo heard an older voice say, accent same as both of the brothers.
Lovino rolled his eyes and stood up to open the door. As soon as Lovino was visible to the characters outside, he was glomped by a similar looking man with reddish-brown hair and a strange curl coming from the left side of his head. Another man with brown hair stepped in. that must be his grandfather, but he looked so young! He couldn't possibly be their grandfather. Lovino finished prying his vrother off of him and led both men to you.
“Ooh, Lovino, is this-a your girlfriend? She's very pretty. You picked a good one,” his grandfather said and nudged his arm.
“Actually, she picked me Grandpa,” Lovino admitted.
His grandfather leaned over to you.
“You picked a fine-a man to love,” he whispered and winked at you.
Then he stuck out his hand.
“I'm-a Lovino's grandpa, but you can call me Aldo,” he told you.
“I-I'm _______. Pleasure to meet you,” you said.
“You don't-a have to be nervous around me or Feli. I can already tell you are-a going to be a wonderful addition to this-a family,” he said and gave you a reassuring smile.
Feliciano took Aldo's place. Instead of shaking your hands, he nearly jumped on you in a hug.
“I'm-a Feliciano. Nice to meet you Bella!” he said cheerfully.
“Hello Feliciano, “ you smiled and pulled away from his hug and Lovino stood next to you.
He sat you down on your couch, then turned to face his family. They nodded and Lovino turned back around to face you. He looked nervous. He took a deep breath and got down on one knee. You gasped and your eyes immediately began to water.
“_______, ever since-a the day you took me in from-a the streets, I have loved you. At first I wasn't sure if you felt-a the same way, but that-a night, I knew you did. I only wish-a that I had the courage to ask you-a this sooner. _______ _______, will you marry me?” he asked, all of his seriousness and love shining in his eyes as he pulled out a little velvet box.
He opened it and y9ou saw the most beautiful ring you had ever laid eyes on. You nodded unable to speak and tears began falling as he slid the ring onto your finger. You threw yourself at him and began to sob happily into his neck. Lovino helped you back up and sat you on the couch, smiling the whole time. You looked  up at him and he pressed his lips to yours. He held them there on yours in a bit for a kiss, then slowly pulled away. Aldo and  Feliciano clapped in front of you.
“Hey Lovino?” Feliciano said.
“You never told us how exactly you two fell in love,” he said.
Lovino looked at you, then proceeded to tell his family the story about how you fell in love over one tomato.
I don't know. Just a little fluff I wrote randomly. I haven't wrote a Romano insert yet. I can't do Italian accents for my finger, least i tried. I love Romano. He is one of my 6 Hetalia sons. Enjoy this insert!

You belong to :iconsexyromanoplz:
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