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~Germany POV~
There was once a mochi, more like a mochi block, that wanted to live somewhere with a nice master and a warm place with good food. That mochi was me. I was a German mochi block with beautiful crystal blue eyes, I was house trained, easy to care for, and for the most part, did what I was told. I was a sweet little thing, so why did life have to stick me with a horrible, old man that did nothing but drink and smoke, and,kick me around on the floor, and purposely not feed me? No mochi, no matter how tough, should EVER have to go through this. I was scared of this old man. I used to be a fearless mochi, tough and serious, but when the old man took me away from that life, everything changed.
After my daily routine of being yelled at and treated like garbage, I made my way to the door. Other mochis could bounce and roll around, but since I was a block, I couldn't do that. If I fell over on a side, it was hard to get back up without help. I got around by pulling myself along the floor with my slowly weakening muscles on my underneath. The door was where I spent a majority of my time in this horrid house when the old man wasn't beating up on me. I hated every second I spent in that house. I wasn't allowed to go outside, even to potty, so even though I was house trained, I had to potty on the floor. And because I did that, the old man would yell at me and beat me up more. My life wasn't worth living anymore. I hoped the old man killed me soon.
I huddled in the corner, facing the opposite wall, my body fitting perfectly into the 90 degree corner, trying to sleep through another cold night. It was freezing outside; I could feel it through the door. It wasn't snowing, but the ground would be rock hard if one were to step on it. I was settled in my corner, trying to survive another night, when the old man approached me and plucked me out of the corner. I was roughly a 6x4 block and he held me in both of his palms, smiling drunkenly at me. He breathed heavily on me, his breath smelling of more alcohol than usual
“hey little buddy,” he slurred. “Cold in here isn't it? Know where its colder? Outside,” he said and flung the door open.
The howling wind hit me like a brick. I was scared. What was he going to do to me? He brought  me up to his face again and glared at me. My eyes widened in fear and I felt me eyes begin to water due to lack of moisture.
“You don't need to be in here. You've survived out there without me before. What have you ever done for me, hmm? All you ever do is sit in your stupid little corner and ignore me,” his voice rose angrily. “I DON'T NEED YOU, YOU LITTLE ASS! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” he yelled at me.
He  put his arm back and threw me weakly out the door and I gave a scared squeak as I flew through the air briefly. I hit the hard ground with a painful thud and slid on my side for a few inches before coming to a stop. I felt tears forming in my eyes and they slid down my cold face. Through the sound of the wind, I heard the old man grunt and slam the door, leaving me in the cold, all by myself. I shivered and began quietly sobbing to myself. The cold was unbearable for an emaciated body like mine. My body went numb and I closed my eyes, slipping into unconsciousness.
~Your POV~
Even though it was freezing, you were walking down the side walk, enjoying the day. You would enjoy it more if you had someone to share it with. You were lonely. All of your friends had to be left behind when you moved and not a lot of nice people lived in your neighborhood. You were walking by a rickety old house when you noticed something white on the ground. Curious, you bent down and picked it up. It was a white block of solid, yet soft... you didn't know what it was made of. Then it opened an eye. You gasped and nearly dropped it! Then it opened another eye and they both widened. It was a German mochi! You had always wanted one, but never had the money to buy one! Why would it be out here in the cold in front of this house? Did it's owner live here and forget about it?
You carried the shivering mochi to the door of the house and knocked. The mochi backed up to your chest and stared at the door, almost in fear. You were about to knock again when the door slowly creaked open to reveal an old, drunk man smoking a cigarette.
“Excuse me sir, is this your mochi? I found him face down in your front-” you started but he cut you off.
“Yea, he used to be mine. He's worthless. All he does is sulk in the corner. Spent 3 years wasting my time on that piece of crap,” he said glaring down at the mochi.
The mochi looked up at you with dull, pleading, blue eyes that were probably once crystal clear, but were now very unhealthy looking. He opened his mouth and to your surprise, he spoke.
“Helft mir,” he rasped.
The old man gasped.
“Get that devil out of my sight,” he said and smacked the poor mochi out of your hand and back to the ground a few feet away.
You looked at the old man in disbelief and ran to the mochi, who was whimpering on the ground and gingerly picked him up. You heard the old man mumble something and slam the door on you. You straightened up and ran towards your house with the mochi protectively wrapped up in your coat to keep him warm.
Once you arrived at your house, you took the mochi out of your coat and set him gently on your table and readied some warm water in your sink. Once you set him in the water, you immediately felt him relax; he closed his eyes and let out a small moan.
“Does that feel good?” you asked.
“Ja,” he said quietly.  
“It is a good thing I know German,” you thought to yourself.
It was quiet as you gently cleaned him and soon you were drying him off. You kept the towel around him and carried him to your couch. You sat down and set him in your lap. You both looked at each other, holding each others gaze until he spoke.
“Warum hast du mir helfen?” he asked.
“That old arschloch said you weren't worth his time, but you are definitely worth  my time. I've always wanted a mochi like you and I wasn't about to pass up a chance like this. Plus, every mochi deserves a good home. Do you have a name?” yo asked.
“Hmm, I think...I think I'll call you Ludwig,” you said and smiled at him. “Are you hungry Ludwig?”
“Ja,” he answered and as if on cue, his tummy gave a loud rumble.
You carried him to the kitchen and went through your food.
“Lets see...I have apples, carrots, sausages-”
“VURST!” Ludwig cried excitedly.
“Sausages it is then,” you said and heated one up.
You cut it up and fed it to him. He scarfed it down, barely chewing any of it. Ludwig managed to eat four sausages before he got full. You stepped back and looked at him; he already looked much healthier than he did an hour ago. The color had returned to his eyes, he no longer looked starved, as a matter of fact, he had developed a bit of a belly from all of those sausages, and he was squeaky clean.
You picked him up again and carried him to your room. You set him on your dresser and began making a temporary bed for him. You set him in the bed and gave him a big blanket to cover himself with. You put your pajamas on and climbed into bed. You closed your eyes and tried to sleep, but after a few minutes, a thumping sound started up. You turned around in bed to look down at Ludwig. He was hopping up and down, trying to get up to you, but since he was a block, he wasn't getting very high. You smiled and giggled.
“What are you doing silly?” you asked.
“Kann ich kommen mit Ihnen?” he asked.
You reached down and scooped him off the floor and set him next to you.
“Of course yo can,” you said and kissed the top of his head.
He blushed and snuggled to you and you both closed your eyes and called it a night.
When you woke up, you found your little mochi wrapped up in your sheets, sleeping peacefully. You smiled and decided to let the poor thing sleep. He probably hadn't slept this god in who knows how long. You carefully got out of bed so you didn't accidentally wake him and you dressed yourself in the bathroom. You stepped out and made your way to the kitchen to start breakfast for the both of you. You were making sausages and eggs for the both of you when you heard  yelling and crying from your room. You quickly turned off the stove so you didn't burn down your house, and ran to your room.
“Ludwig!” you cried as you stopped in your doorway.
He was still wrapped up in the sheets, but tears were rolling down his face an he stared up at you.
“Herrchen,” he said and you sat on the bed, picking him up and petting his head.
“Don't call me that. I'm not your master. My name is ________,” you told him.
“Nein, Sie sind mein Herrchen,” he insisted.
You rolled your eyes, but gave in to him.
“Alright, I can't say no to you. You're too cute,” you said and stood up to go back to the kitchen with Ludwig in your hand.
You set him on the kitchen table and went back to the stove to finish you two's breakfast. You hummed tunelessly to yourself while scrambling the eggs and cooking the sausages. Ludwig sniffed behind you and moaned in delight.
“Vurst?” he asked.
“Yep! Just for you,” you said and scraped the food off the pan and onto a large plate.
You set the plate on the table, pulled out some eating utensils, and sat down. Using the knife, you cut cut up the sausages and fed some pieces to Ludwig. He chewed them happily, yet kept a straight face the whole time. Now that you thought about it, he held a straight face through almost everything. Only when he was scared or crying did he ever break it. Ludwig's voice snapped you out of your thoughts.
“Danke,” he said.
“You're welcome! Does it taste good?” you asked.
“Ja, aber nein, ich danke Ihnen fur meine Rettung. Ich werde fur immer in deiner Schuld,” he said.
“Oh no Ludwig, you don't have to thank me. It really was my pleasure,” you told him and fed him another piece of sausage.
He swallowed and slid across the table to your hand and nuzzled it. You started to pet him again and tears began to form in your eyes. You now felt how much of a good difference you were making in this mochi's life. You picked him up and hugged him to you gently. He squeaked in surprise, but relaxed in your arms.
“I'm going to take care of you. I'm going to make everything better for you,” you said quietly to him.
“Danke,” he thanked and began to purr softly, like a cat almost, but with more of a human sound to it.
You held him for a little longer, then stood up and put your coat on. You opened the door and walked out, putting a confused Ludwig under your coat. You smiled down at him.
“We're going shopping,” you said and started off for the supermarket.
You usually didn't like the supermarket because you were always alone, but now that Ludwig was there with you, you were enjoying your strolls down the aisles. Not only were you not alone, but people complimented you on your mochi and how cute he was. He blushed, but kept his normal straight face. He was pretty cute! At the store, you bought some food to restock your fridge, a little pet bed for Ludwig, though you had a feeling that he would rarely use it, and multiple packages of sausages. Guess who they were for? The cashier complimented Ludwig and you paid for your stuff and carried your groceries home.
Once home,you set up Ludwig's pet bed and went downstairs to watch TV for a while. After a few hours of TV, you heard Ludwig's stomach rumble.
“Ich bin hungrig,” he said and looked up at you.
“Me too. Do you want me to make you some sausages?” you asked.
“Ja, bitte.”
He was such a sweetheart. You cooked up some sausages for Ludwig and made a sandwich for yourself. After feeding Ludwig his sausages, you settled down and played some (favorite video game) until it was fairly late at night. You yawned and Ludwig did the same, so you both went to your room. You changed and got under your covers. Ludwig tried his new bed. You closed your eyes for two minutes, then he was thumping the floor again. You opened your eyes and looked down at him.
“Herrchen, kann ich kommen wieder mit Ihnen?”
You reached down and picked him up, rolled onto your back, and set him on your stomach.
“You didn't like your new bed?” you asked.
“Ich mochte es nich so viel wie ich es mag hier mit Ihnen,” he answered.
“Alright, from now on, you're sleeping with me every night,” you said and he slid off of you and to your side.
“Goodnight Ludwig,” you said.
“Gute Nacht Herrchen,” he replied and you closed your eyes.
~time skip~
You woke up in the middle of the night and rolled over to face what you thought was a sleeping Ludwig, but something seemed off.
“Ludwig are you asleep?” you whispered quietly so you didn't wake him if he was sleeping.
“Nein,” he replied.
“Did I wake you up?”
What are you doing?”
“Ich bewachen Sie Herrchen.”
You chuckled a little to yourself.
“In Fall, dass etwas passiert.”
“Ludwig, don't worry about it. Its going to be ok.”
“Aber was, wenn jemad kommt und versucht, Sie zu verletzen?” he said with a serious and worried tone.
“I don't think that's going to happen honey. I have an alarm and a gun in my nightstand if someone does come in,” you told him. “Please go to sleep Ludwig.”
“Wenn etwas passiert mussen Sie unter Umstanden zu verlassen.”
You looked at him with a shocked expression. It warmed you rheart to know that you meant so much to m=him, yet it saddened you to think he was so worried that something might actually happen.
“Ich will nicht wieder allein sein. Ich konnte mich unbringen, wenn ich es war. Bitte nicht immer verlassen micht. Ich liebe dich.”
Your eyes teared up again and you grabbed you mochi and squeezed him to your body. He nuzzled your neck and gave your ear a love nip and settled there, quickly being consumed by unconsciousness.
“I love you too Ludwig,” you said quietly.
He started purring again.
Nothing ever did happen to you while Ludwig was around. Sometimes he felt like he still needed to protect you and stayed up all night even though you strongly disapproved . But you still loved him and he loved you back and you lived long, happy lives with each other.
~ ~ ~ ~END~ ~ ~ ~
This one might be a little complicated to read. In my brain, Germany mochi can only speak German which totally makes sense. Also, he cam speak in full sentences apparently. But you will have to go constantly go back and forth reading what he has to say to the reader. I will put the translations in the description which is here. It goes in order with the story. Done with Google Translate.

1)Helft mir=Help me
3)Warum hast du helfen?=Why did you help me?
5)Kann ich kommen mit Ihnen?=Can I come up with you?
7)Nein, Sie sind mein Herrchen=No, you are my master
8)Danke=Thank you
9)Ja, aber nein, ich danke Ihnen fur meine Rettung. Ich werde fur immer in deiner Schuld=Yes, but no, thank you for saving me. I will be forever in your debt.
10)Ich bin hungrig=I'm hungry.
11)Ja, bitt=Yes please.
12)Herrchen, kann ich kommen wieder mit Ihnen?=Master, can I come up with you again?
13)Ich mochte es nicht so viel wie ich es mag hier mit Ihnen=I didn't like it as much as I like it up here with you.
14)Gute Nacht Herrchen=Goodnight master
15)Ich bewachen Sie Herrchen=I'm guarding you master.
16)In Fall, dass etwas passiert=In case something happens
17)Aber was, wenn jemad kommt und versucht, Sie zu verletzen?=But what if someone comes and tries to hurt you?
18)Wenn etwas passiert mussen Sie unter Umstanden zu verlassen=If something happens to you, you might have to leave.
19)Ich will nicht wieder allein sein. Ich konnte micht unbringen, wenn ich es war. Bitte nicht immer verlassen micht. Ich liebe dich=I don't want to be alone again. I might kill myself if I was. Please don't ever leave me. I love you.

Mochi!Italy and Mochi! Romano::[link]:
I don't own Hetalia but I do own the plot.
You belong to :iconmochigermanyplz: or vice versa.
Found the picture on Google.
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