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You and the members of Axis, Germany, Italy, and Japan, were at your vacation house far away from any city and there were no other houses within miles. It was your birthday and you wanted to invite them to have fun with you on your special day. Your vacation house in a beautiful location; perfectly green grass surrounded it, there was a gigantic blue pool, complete with a diving board and water slide in the back yard, which is where the four of you were hanging, and your house was like a glorified, air conditioned straw hut. Everything about it was perfect.
Italy, Germany, and you were having fun in the water while Japan was hanging in the shade, looking bored. But then again, you couldn't really tell because he had the same facial expression for almost everything. Germany was wearing black swimming trunks, Italy was wearing green ones, and you were wearing your cute black and gray vertical striped bikini, lazily floating on a raft while the other two jumped and slid into the pool. Japan was wearing white trunks, and since he didn't approve of showing off  is chest, he also wore a white swim shirt. It was skin tight so you could see his beautifully chiseled abs. He looked so adorable with his hair blowing in the light breeze, but with him in the shade, it was hard for you to admire him.
You were determined to get him into the water. Just then, Germany did a perfect back-flip and landed straight as a pencil in the water. You applauded as he came back up and he smiled at you.
"My turn!" Italy yelled and tried to imitate Germany, but failed and ended up belly-flopping and making a huge splash. It rained down on you and Germany and splashed Japan some. You heard him scoot his chair back a little bit further away. Italy surfaced and his body and face was all red. You and Germany started to laugh.
"Feli, are you ok?" you asked sympathetically.
"I'm-a-ok _______."
"Are you sure? That looked really painful."
"Yep. It was!"
you three started laughing again and you saw Japan out of the corner of your eye, looking very lonely and left out. You flipped yourself over and looked at him.
"Hey Kiku, you look lonely," you yelled. He looked at you.
"Huh? Oh. No _______,  I'm fine, he answered calmly.
"Will you get in the pool?" you asked.
"I  rearry don't want to", he answered.
"Why not?"
"Werr..." he looked down at his feet. "I don't know how to swim." he blushed.
"That's ok. I wont make you go into the deep end. Just over here by the ladder."
"I don't want to get in the poor."
"Please? Its my birthday," you begged him.
He sighed and started walking towards the pool.
"Yay!" you cheered as he made his way to the pool.
He sat on the edge of the pool and dipped one foot in and took it back out.
"Its too cord _______," he complained.
You rolled your eyes.
"Kiku, the water is not cold. Get in before I come over there and  drag you in by your feet," you teased him.
He sighed again and slowly dipped his legs into the water. You though he was going to push in, but he just sat there.
"I'm in the poor, are you happy now, _______?" he asked.
"Kiku, I said in the pool not the edge. Actually get in the pool."
Japan was too busy arguing with you to notice Germany sneak up behind him. He looked at you and smiled a mischievous smile. You smiled to let him know you were on to him. Germany put his arms under Japan's, who yelped in surprise, picked Japan up and threw himself with japan in his arms  into the part of the pool where it descends a little.
You gasped. You didn't know he was going to do that to Japan. You paddled your raft next to where they would surface. Japan surfaced, thrashing wildly, trying to get a hold on your raft. His eyes were wide with fear as he finally got a grip on the raft, gasping for air.
Germany finally surfaced behind him. He was laughing with a triumphant look on his face. You gave him a disappointed look and smacked the back of his head.
"Ow! Vat vas zat for?" he asked, still laughing a little.
"That was mean, Ludwig," you scolded and rolled off the raft and to the other side to help Japan onto the raft.
It took a few tries, but you finally got him onto the raft and you pushed him back to the shallow end. You didn't take him all the way to the edge and he tried to paddle his way, but you held the raft back.
"I still want you in the pool, Kiku," you told him.
"I want out of the poor, _______," he told you.
"No. You don't have to get off the raft, but I still want you to stay here."
"What if Rudwig tries somesing erse rike sat on me again?" he asked with a rare hint of fear in his voice.
You put a wet hand lightly on his thigh and he glared intently at it.
"I wont let him do it again. If he tries I'll kick his nuts, ok?" you assured him.
Japan looked at you and then started to watch the two other men splashing around on the opposite side. He put his arms round his legs and rested his chin on his knees.
You were both silent or a little bit, then something popped into your mind. While you two were alone on this side, it would be the perfect time to ask if he liked you. You liked him a lot. He was the shortest of the three men of Axis, and you know what being the shortest felt like, as you usually were. The way he talked was adorable, as was his hair, his face, his personality, everything about him was just so cute! You tried to make it sound casual.
"Hey Kiku, can I ask you a question?" you asked calmly, but on the inside you could feel your heart speed up.
"Yes. What wourd you rike me to answer, _______?" he asked without looking at you.
"Um...are you angry at me?" you asked. That was not what you were planning to ask. Why did you ask that?
Japan looked at you and smiled a small smile.
"Of course not. You are my friend. Even if I was angry at you, I wourdn't be able to stay angry for rong. You're too pretty to be angry at," he said sweetly.
His answer took you by surprise and you could feel your face flush a bright pink.
"Th-thank you Kiku," you said sheepishly. Why was your brain so stupid at times like this?
You both watch Germany and Italy splashing around for a while.
"Hey Kiku! Can ve use zat raft for somezing?" Germany yelled.
Japan looked at you and you helped him off the raft. Then you pushed the raft to the deep end.
"Zank you!" Germany thanked.
You looked over at Japan. He was shaking.
"Kiku, are you ok?" you asked.
"Sis remind me of movie I saw where sis boy was dragged down under by giant, mutant squid and eaten arive," he told you.
You waded to him and put your hand on his shoulder.
"I wouldn't let that happen to you Kiku," you assured.
"Sank you, _______."
You leaned in close to his ear.
"But, if I was that giant, mutant squid, I would eat you," you teased.
"Wh-what?!" he looked at you with big eyes. You laughed. His face was adorable!
"Hey _______! Watch me!" Italy yelled and he jumped off the diving board and onto the raft like he was trying to surf, but he lost his balance and toppled over into the water.
"Oh my gosh that looks so fun! I wanna try!" you said excitedly. You looked at Japan. He was still shaking.
"Are you ok with me leaving you to go do that really quick?" you asked
"I'rr be ok," he said quietly.
"Are you sure?"
"Ok." you got out of the pool and ran to the diving board.
Germany and Italy put the raft in place and moved aside. You jumped and landed o the raft, and you stayed on! You slowly stood up, without falling off and looked at Italy.
"I did it!" you said excitedly.
"Yay ________! How long can you stay up?" he asked.
"Not long," Germany yelled from the slide.
You  turned your head as you saw him go down the slide. When he hit the water, he purposely grabbed the raft and shook you off. You splashed into the water and you felt your top slip off. You covered your breasts and surfaced.
"LUDWIG!" you screamed.
"Are you ok,_______?" he asked in response.
"No, my top came off! Go find it for me! It probably sank to the bottom!" you yelled angrily.
"How does your suit sink to ze bottom?" he asked.
"The chain strap around the neck is heavy. Go find my top," you commanded.
He shrugged and dove under and after a few tries, brought you your top.
"Here it is, _______," he said with a pervy smile.
You snatched it from him and smacked him again to wipe that look off his face.
"Ow! I'm sorry,________," he apologized.
"No you're not," you said.
"You're right! I'm not!" he laughed and splashed your face and swam off.
You wiped the water from your face, rubbing your eyes. Some got in water got in your eyes and the chlorine stung. You hopped out of the pool and turned your back to everybody so you could put your top back on. As you were tying the first strap, you heard Italy say something to Germany.
"That was kind of-a-mean, Ludwig. It looked like you hurt her feelings," he said.
As you were fastening the chain around your neck, you heard Germany get out of the pool. You turned around and he was standing in front of you.
"I'm sorry I knocked you off ze raft, _______. Do you forgive me?" he asked.
You though for a second.
"Yes. I forgive you, Ludwig," you said and he put his arms around you. You hugged him too, then when he broke away, you pushed him backwards into the pool.
"Now vat vas zat for?" he asked.
"That was for Kiku," you said and slid back into the shallow end next to Japan. He was smiling at what you did to Germany.
"Sank  you, ________," he thanked.
"No problem, hon," you said. Then you mentally beat yourself over the head. Why did you just say that?
Japan giggled.
"What?," you asked.
"You carred me 'hon'. I sought it was cute," he said and you blushed.
You felt a drop of rain on your forehead. Then, out of nowhere, it started to pour all over the four of you. There was thunder in the background.
"Aw, what?" you said angrily.
"Arright, everybody inside. Don't want anybody getting erectrocuted in the poor," Japan ordered and jumped out himself. You snickered as he helped you out.
"What?" it was his turn to ask.
"You said erect," you giggled.
"So immature," he said and pathetically smacked your arm.
You walked in together and stood in the back room. Germany and Italy came in right behind you.
"I have two bathrooms. Ludwig and Feli, take the one down here. Kiku and I will take the one upstairs," you said.
You split up and got your clothes.
"Do you want the bathroom first?" you asked Japan.
"No, you can have it first," he said and gestured towards the bathroom.
"Ok, if you insist," you said and shut the yourself in the bathroom.
You changed and brushed your hair, and stepped outside to hand Japan, but he already had his clothes on, perfect hair and everything.
"Did I take too long?" you asked apologetically.
"No, I just wanted to be done before Feri and Rudwig were done so I courd tark to you," he said.
"Ok, what do you want to talk about?"
"I want to know how much you rike me," he said quietly.
"I like you a lot Kiku!" you said surprisingly easily.
He smiled at you and you both made your way to the back room. Germany and Italy were waiting for you two.
"So what are we going to do men? We're rained in," you said.
"Do you have any video games?" Germany asked.
"Heck yeah I do!' you said and too out your gaming system.
"What do you all want to play?" you asked.
"Somezing multiplayer, unless you don't mind taking turns."
"I don't mind taking turns," Japan said,
"I'm a-so-terrible at playing video games anyways," Italy said.
"Turns it is," you said and looked into your game cabinet.
"This is kind of an old one, but have any of you ever played BioShock?" you asked. "Its kinda creeepyyy..." you stretched out the work "creepy".
"Oh lets play zat one!" Germany said excitedly.
"Everyone ok with that?" you asked. Japan shrugged and Italy nodded hesitantly.
" We will play BioShock then," you said and put it in.
Germany played first. Everyone sat on the couch, Germany and Italy were sitting next to each other, while you and Japan were sitting on the other side. Japan was getting uncharacteristically comfortable next to you. Then he put his head on your shoulder.
"Oh,_______ and Kiku. Getting comfy over zer,"  Germany said with a pervy tone.
"Shut up. And watch out for that splicer," you said. Germany turned to the TV just in time to see a splicer jump at him. He and Italy jumped and Italy screamed. You and Japan laughed.
"Good one," Japan complimented.
For the rest of the day, you four played BioShock and you were the one who beat the game. You all had a few beers to celebrate, then went back to the two bedrooms you had for the night. Again, Germany and Italy went to one of them, and you and Japan to the other.
~Japan P.O.V.~
You were a bit tipsy when this crazy thought popped into our head. When Germany jumped into the pool with you in him arms and you flailed around looking for the raft, you probably looked really stupid to _______. All because you didn't know how to swim! Well that was going to change tonight.
After you were sure _______ was asleep, sneaked  downstairs in your white undershirt and underwear and slipped out the back door. It was still sprinkling, but no thunder. Good. You dipped your foot in the water and it was freezing! Then another idea popped into your head.
"If I jump off the diving board, I'rr just get arr the cord over wis and it won't be cord," you said out loud to yourself. It sounded genius.
You walked to the diving board and made your way to the edge. You braced yourself, jumped up and down a few times, and then you finally jumped.
Just then, the effect of the beer wore off and you realized that what you were doing was very stupid, but it was too late for you to do anything. You screamed bloody murder before your head disappeared beneath the water.
~Your P.O.V.~
There was a blood-curdling scream from the back yard. It sounded like Japan's voice. You shot up and checked his bed. Empty.
You bolted out of the room, down the stairs, yanked the back door open, and ran to the edge of the pool. Japan's head was disappearing under the water .
You dove into the water and came up with Japan's limp body. Germany and Italy had made their way outside and helped you get Japan out of the pool.
"Is he ok?" Italy asked, worried.
He wasn't breathing. You three panicked, then Germany came to his senses.
"Mouze to mouze!" he yelled.
You put your lips to his and blew air into his lungs. You tried over and over and you were about to give up. It wasn't working, there were tears in your eyes, but you were still going to try.
You put your lips to his once more and blew as much air as you possibly could. You took your mouth off and water spewed up from his mouth. He started coughing and he sat up.
"Kiku!" you breathed in relief as you gathered him in your arms.
"_______?" he asked putting his arms around you.
"Yes baby, yes,"you sobbed with fresh tears running down your cheeks.;
"You saved me."
"Kiku, what in the world were you thinking?" you asked, running your fingers through is hair.
"I never shourd've drank sat much beer!" he sobbed and tears ran down his cheeks.
"Lets get you inside," you said and helped him to his feet. He was a little heavier than you thought he would be, but you managed to get him up and you walked him inside.
Everyone walked upstairs and into yours and Japan's room where you sat him down on his bed. You sat next to him and he lifted himself up into your lap.
"Kiku, please tell me what was going through your head when you thought doing that was a good idea," you begged. He was shaking in your arms, still dripping all over you, but you didn't care. He was alive and safe.
"I was sinking about how stupid I must have rooked when Rudwig threw himserf wis me into the poor," he said shakily.
"Go on," you urged.
"I decided that I was going to rearn how to swim, so I went to se poor and jumped off the diving board, sen I rearized  sat it was a terribry stupid idea," he finished.
"Kiku that was very stupid," you said, rubbing his back. He burst into tears.
"Its ok, you're safe now. Just promise me that you will never, ever, EVER," you emphasized the last ever, "do that again."
"I promise,_______," he continued to cry
"Ve're just going to dismiss ourselves," Germany said and he and Italy excused themselves from the room.
Japan cried for a little bit after they left, but eventually, you got him calmed down.
"Are you ok now, Kiku?" you asked.
"Yes,_______. I'm fine now," he said and sniffled.
"Are you tired, honey? You ask.
Japan smiled a small smile.
You put him under the covers and started to turn to go to your own bed when you felt Japan's hand on your arm. You turned to look at him.
"What is it, Kiku?" you smiled.
"Um, do you have to sreep in your own bed?" he asked.
You smiled at him tiredly at him.
"No, are you asking because you want me to sleep with you?"
you got under the sheets with Japan and he snuggled up to you. You lightly pressed his head to your chest.
"I rove you,_______," he told you.
"I love you too, Kiku."
You both fell asleep, Japan curled up in your arms, and you with all your limbs wrapped around him. It felt nice to know that you could finally share your love with the person you really, truly loved.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     
So this is my first CountryxReader insert and I don't know what else to say besides I hope you like it. I'm sure there are some spelling errors and I think I went a little overboard with Japan's accent. some things in here are, in my opinion, kind of random and I guess I'm just stressing out about this being my first insert so just tell me how I'm doing and again, I hope you like it.
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EllisxRobyn Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I noticed that Germany was OOC. I was new to Hetalia at the time and didn't quite have the character's personality down. And I imagine that if Japan were to drink, he wouldn't be able to hold non-Japanese alcohol very well. That is why he was so drunk.
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EllisxRobyn Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! Everybody seems to like the "erectrocuted" part.
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Me in story: *is awaken by blood curdling scream and immediately runs to help*
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sadmac356 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014

Yeah, that's kinda funny because here's what would probably happen:

Me in story: *awakened by blood-curdling scream and runs to help*

Me in reality: *awakened by said scream* *responds with a scream that sounded pretty much like it then runs to help*

EllisxRobyn Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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Thank you! I thought I went kind of overboard with the accent, but this makes two people that have said otherwise, so I guess I did a good job.
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YES BIOSHOCK! That was the icing on the cake for me! This was such a cute story! I loved it!
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