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May 20, 2013
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You don’t know how it happened. You were just walking down the street when you passed a seemingly harmless alley and you felt something hit the back of your head and your world went black. If you ever got out of this, you would never walk around alone at night again. You were stuffed into the trunk of what you assumed to be a small car. Your wrists and ankles were bound together with rope, you were blindfolded, and whoever kidnapped you put something in your mouth to gag you.  The car drove on for a while and you heard the sound of car passing by you, none of them even slightly aware that there was a person in the trunk of this car. You were hoping that this was some sort of sick joke and that one of your friends would open the trunk and you would laugh this off, but your gut instinct was telling you that this was no joke.
Suddenly the car stopped and you heard a car door open and slam shut. There were large footsteps coming towards you and you heard the trunk open. A gust of wind hit your face. There was a strong pair of arms on you, picking you up and slinging you over a shoulder with a grunt. It was almost a sad grunt, but that just wouldn’t make any sense. Why would a person who just kidnapped you be sad? You began to struggle in the person’s grasp, but they ignored you and kept walking. You assumed that by the strength this person had and the sound of the grunt that this person was a man.
A door opened and you and the man entered a chilly room with some sort of hard floor, judging by the sound the man’s shoes made on the floor. Suddenly, the man slid you off his shoulder and onto an uncomfortable chair to which he quickly tied you to so you didn’t run away. You felt a hand fiddle with your blindfold and he pulled it off. Instantly, you could see that there was a small light bulb hanging from the ceiling, giving off barely any light. It took your eyes a moment to adjust.
When they finally did adjust, you saw the man who had brought you into this. He was tall, almost 6ft, and had a manly, masculine figure. He had striking blue eyes and slicked back blonde hair. He wore a black tank top and baggy green pants tucked in to tall, black boots. As you stared at him, you felt butterflies in you stomach. What was happening to you? Did he make you drink something? No, he didn’t do anything besides tie you up and drive you here. You were doing it to yourself. You knew exactly what this feeling was. This was the feeling of love. You were falling in love with your captor. Nothing good could come from this, but you couldn’t help it. He was beautiful! Then he spoke.
“Hallo ________. I know you must be very confused. You don’t know vy you’re here. To be honest, I don’t know vy you’re here, but it is vat mein boss vants, so I vill not qvestion. All I know is zat you von’t be leaving here for a vile und you might not make it out of here alive,” he told you.
He had a German accent that made him even more irresistible. You couldn’t show that you had suddenly developed feelings for him. You had to keep your feeling hidden. He walked to you and undid your gag strip. You spit on the ground to get the disgusting taste out if your mouth. You glared up at him, putting on your best tough girl face.
“Who are you? How do you know my name? Where am I?” you demanded.
“Mein name is Ludvig, mein boss has people everywhere, und I am not allowed to tell you vere you are being held in the case that you somehow manage to escape,” he told you.
“Alright. Alright. So, Ludwig, where is your boss? And who is he?” you asked.
“Mein boss is 2 rooms avay. He is mein boss. Ve’ll leave it at zat.”
A loud buzzer went off briefly, making you jump. Ludwig turned around and started to walk out.
“Wait!” you yelled.
He stopped, but didn’t turn around tot face you. How rude.
“Vat is it _______ ?”
“Where are you going?” you asked.
“Mein boss vants me to leave you now, I vill send someone in to feed you in a few hours.”
“I’m going to be alone?”
He didn’t reply and walked out of the room.
*Germany POV*
As soon as the door shut behind me, my facial expression dropped. She was beautiful! Why did my boss want her? What on earth did she do to make him hate her so much? I barely knew her, but I am pretty sure I was falling in love with her. I heard my boss’ voice over the intercom, calling me to his office. I walked in and stood at attention.
“Ludvig, you did good catching her. Now she vill pay,” my boss complimented.
“Please, sir, vy exactly do you vant her?” I asked.
“Her vater killed mein bruder.”
“But she didn’t actually do anyzhing! Vy are you taking it out on her!?” I said a little louder than I intended to.
“Oh, und is zat a hint of concern I hear? Is someone falling in love, hm?” he asked with a sly grin on his face.
“Vat? N-nein!”
“Don’t lie to me Beilschmidt,” he said and pulled out a rusty, metal box.
He opened it and inside, I saw rusty tools and instruments of torture.
“I don’t care if you love her. I vant you to go in zere und torture her to near deaz. Zen leave her to me.”
I begged him to reconsider, but he had mad his decision and I sadly took the box and headed to her holding room.
*Your POV*
You were only alone for 5 minutes when Ludwig came back in. Your heart leapt at the sight of him, then you saw the rusty box. He slowly opened it and his eyes widened as he pulled out a long, thin, pointy dagger. He held it in his hands for a few minutes. He sighed sadly and held it up to his chest. It took you a few seconds to register what he was about to do, but when you did you tried to stop him.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you doing?!” you yelled at him.
He held it there for a few more seconds; you held your breath, waiting for him to drop it. Suddenly, he threw it at the ground and stomped on it, shattering the blade into multiple pieces. Then he swiped the box off of the surface of the table, the contents flying out and slid across the floor making clattering and clanking noises until thy slid to a stop. Then he stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. You got hit in the leg with the handle of a screwdriver, but other than that you were unharmed. The doorknob of the door began to jiggle and Ludwig backed in with his hands up. On front of him was a masked man with a gun pointed at Ludwig’s head. As soon as he was far enough to pass the door, the man slammed it closed in his face, leaving you and Ludwig locked in the room together. He roared in anger and began kicking the door as hard as he could. When he was done failing at getting the door open, he started banging his head on the door.
“Hey Ludwig, can you please stop? You’re making my head hurt just watching you,” you asked.
He did stop, to your surprise, and bent down to pick up a small piece of the shattered dagger. He straightened up and made his way behind you.
“What are you doing back there?” you asked nervously.
He didn’t answer, but a few seconds later, you felt the rope around your wrists and ankles fall, then moments later, the ropes holding you to the chair fell as well. You rubbed your wrists and watched as he trudged to a corner and plopped down facing the wall. It was silent for who knows how long, and all the while, one question burned in your brain; why did he cut the ropes? You finally worked up the courage to voice your question.
“Why did you do that?” you asked.
He turned his head slightly. You could’ve sworn you saw tears on his cheeks.
“Do vat?” he asked.
“Everything. Almost kill yourself, throw the box on the ground, and cut me loose?”
He turned hi head back and hunched his shoulders over. It started out as a quiet whimper, but soon escalated into full out sobbing into his hands. As soon as the sobbing started up, you shot out of your chair, pushing it back a bit from your force, and hurried to his slouched figure. You put your hands on his shoulders and began massaging them. He looked up at you with red-rimmed, blue eyes and tear streaked cheeks. You looked down at him with obvious concern.
“What’s wrong Honey? Its alright, you can tell me,” you comforted.
“Vy are you concerned about me? I kidnapped you, tied you up, und I vas sent here to kill you,” he cried.
“Well you obviously didn’t. I guess I owe you that.”
He stayed silent, so you took your hands from his shoulders and put them around his body. He gasped at your actions, but let you continue your embrace.
“Why did you spare me Ludwig?” you asked after a while.
“Because…because…Ich liebe dich ________. I love you,” he said and waited for a dramatic slap in the face, but was instead met with a peck on the cheek. You turned him around and sat down cross-legged next to him.
“I love you too Ludwig.”
He looked at you, not believing what was hearing. You took one of his big, shaky, warm hands.
“But how? How could you ever love someone who has done somezing as horrible as zis to you?”
“You didn’t really do anything but tie me up.”
He sighed and wrapped his arms around you. You leaned your head around his shoulder.
“________?” Ludwig said.
“Vy are you so nice?” he asked.
“I don’t know. It just in my nature I guess,” you told him and giggled.
He chuckled at your answer and kissed the side of your head. He was cute when he was happy! If you ever made it out of this crazy place alive, you might have to marry this man. Suddenly, he picked you up and set you in his lap. You squeaked in delight and snuggled into his chest. Through his shirt, you could feel that his chest was very well toned. He rested his cheek on your head and rubbed up and down your thigh with one hand, while wrapping the other arm around your torso. You rubbed up and down his chest in response. You wished you would’ve met this man sooner and in a better situation, but you were kind of happy you met him the way you did
“Hey Ludwig, do you think we’ll make it out of here alive?” you asked.
“I don’t know liebe. I hope ve do, but if ve don’t, I hope ve die togezer,” he said.
“I really don’t care what happens as long as we’re together,” you told him and closed your eyes.
Then, without warning, the door busted open and the man with the mask entered with a gun in each hand, one pointed at each of your heads.
“Ludvig, I told you to kill her. Vy did you disobey me?” he growled.
Ludwig curled his body around you protectively. You felt tears quickly drop from his eyes onto your face.
“B-bitte Sir, don’t do zis! I love her! Zats vy I didn’t hurt her!” he cried and squeezed you even tighter.
You gripped his shirt and buried your face in his chest, waiting for the shots to go off. You heard Ludwig’s boss ready the guns to end your lives. Suddenly, there was a small whimpering. At first you though it was Ludwig, but immediately after, you realized it wasn’t; it was his boss. You opened one eye and saw his face. His boss was silently streaming tears and fighting the urge to cry. Now that he saw you two together and how happy you were, he regretted ever bringing you into this. You closed your eyes and seconds later, there were 2 gunshots. You winced and waited for the pain and Ludwig tensed up around you. There was no pain at all. Had both the shots hit Ludwig?
“Ludwig, please tell me you’re ok,” you said quietly. “Are you hit?”
“Nein, I’m fine.  Are you hit?” he asked.
You opened your eyes and turned to look at his boss. He was lying on the ground by a pool of his own blood. Part of his brain was poking out of both of the holes he blew in his head. You gasped and scrambled out of Ludwig’s grasp and in front of him. Ludwig’s eyes were wide with surprise and sadness. You put your hands on his cheeks and met his eyes.
“Ludwig, Ludwig, look at me. Are you alright? Please say something to me. Anything,” you begged.
“He j-just sh-shot h-himself,” he stuttered.
You nodded, but stayed silent and he latched on to you and pulled you to him. He didn’t cry, but his breathing was very heavy. You guessed that he was letting what was in front of him sink into his brain. Suddenly he stood up and walked to the corpse and pulled a key ring out of its right pocket. He signaled for you to follow him and he walked out of the room silently. Once both of you were out, he pulled the door closed, locked all 3 locks on the door, and held the key in his hand. Then he tilted his head back, opened his mouth, and dropped the key in, swallowing it. You gasped and he took your hand, pulling you away from the door and out of the wretched building you were in. The door you exited from led to an ally. There was a car parked in the alley and Ludwig took out the key ring and unlocked the door.
“Is this your car?” you asked.
“It is now. Get in,” he told you and you hopped into the passenger’s seat. He revved the engine and sped out of the alley. He drove on silently; you glanced over at him to see worry and sadness in his expression. You took one of his hands in yours and you kissed it, rubbing your thumb over the top.
“Are you ok Ludwig?” you asked quietly. He sighed.
“I just can’t believe he shot himself. He vasn’t a coward, he never zought of suicide, I just…I don’t know vy he did it,” he said quietly.
“Maybe it was because he saw us together and how you tried to protect me. It takes a real ass to shoot someone like that. He just couldn’t take it,” you suggested.
“I can understand zat, but he didn’t have to shoot himself.”
“Maybe he didn’t want to get caught so he hid in the one place that no one could find him.”
The rest of the car ride was silent and he pulled into the driveway of a big, unfamiliar house. Ludwig’s eyes softened and he smiled.
“_______, velcome to mein house,” he said and helped you out of the car.
He led you inside, and the first thing you noticed was how clean it was. The floors were shining, furniture was vacuumed to perfection, it even smelled clean. He walked past you and plopped on the couch, curling up on the far cushion. You sat next to him and wrapped your arms around him. He leaned on your shoulder and you kissed his forehead.
“So Ludwig, why did you swallow the key?” you asked.
“Zere are no spare keys und no one needs to know vat is hidden in zere. Und if zey do, zey vill have to vork very hard hard to get in zat room,” he answered.
“Oh,” you said and closed your eyes, sighing in harmony with him.
--------------------------------------------The Next Day
You were sitting on the couch reading a book when you heard Ludwig, who you knew was in the bathroom, howl in pain. You jumped up and the toilet flushed. You ran upstairs as Ludwig rushed past you with his poker face on. You grabbed his arm and pulled him to you.
“What was that?” you asked seriously.
“Nozing,” he said, a very dark blush spreading across his face.
You thought for a second, then, remembering what happened yesterday, a grin slowly crept across your face.
“The key came out didn’t it?” you smiled knowingly.
He looked down at his feet and blushed even harder.
“J-ja, it really hurt,” he answered.
You burst into laughter and threw your arms around him, laughing uncontrollably into his shirt. He wrapped his arms around you. You were crying you were laughing so hard. When you finally calmed yourself enough, you wiped the tears from your eyes and rested your head on his chest.
“Oh gosh…you crack me up Luddy,” you said and kissed his neck.
“Zat’s not funny,” he protested.
“Yes. It is.”
The rest of that day was spent being chased around the house by Ludwig and glomping him when he wasn’t paying attention. You loved this guy.
I don't know. It was fun to write. Hope it doesn't offend anybody. If it does for some reason, I'm sorry. Ending is kind of crackish. I don't think I need a warning on it, but if you think it does, just tell me.

Hetalia= Not Me
Story= Me
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